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Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is one of the best ways to give your commercial and residential buildings a very polished look with affordable price ranges. And they provide an excellent sense of protection to your property with a longer-lasting lifespan. Rochester Hills Roofing Pros offer a lot of different metal roofing materials with a wide variety of styles for you to pick from. No matter if you have a commercial or residential property, we got your back with the best possible deals you can make on roofing materials. We provide a wide range of different metal shingle roofing materials including metal shake roofing and standing seam metal roofing. Every one of them has different characteristics and properties that make them special and unique from each other. Each of them will give your home or office building different looks in a better way. And we’ll surely be able to satisfy you with so many metal roofing methods to choose from.


What We Do

Our roofing crews always are fully devoted to their job and they’ll surely satisfy your needs on roof repair or roof replacements. Using metal roofing is one of the best ways to remodel your business property with the best looks. If you have tight schedules to maintain, we can surely help you to meet those schedules with the best works. Our roofer crews are specialized in all types of metal roofing with up to date equipment to provide you the best possible services. We can take down your old roof without causing you other property damage while installing the new metal roof. If you already have an existing metal roof on your commercial or residential property, we at Rochester Hills Roofing Pros will repair them flawlessly. Whether you want roof repair or replacement, we are your best pick in Rochester Hills. We have networks all over MI and that’s not all.


Our commercial metal roofing installation is the best solution to make your commercial property the toughest it can be. When it comes to protecting your commercial building, you can choose a lot of different metal roofing strategies from our wide variety of options. We can choose the best metal roofing option for you if you are unable to make a solid decision about which method you should pick. We’ll take full responsibility for roof installation on your building with maximum effort from our fully devoted crews. Investing in your residential property will surely be beneficial to your wallet in the future by reducing extra fees from unnecessary fees.


Metal roofing installation is the most durable solution you can ever make to protect your business property and our elite roofer specialists will help you achieve that. Unlike asphalt roofing methods, metal roofing can withstand more harsh weather along with extreme heat, rain, and snow. It can withstand UV damage even more efficiently than asphalt roofing solutions. And by choosing the best coating, you can prevent your metal roof to withstand discoloration over time which is a big deal. Choosing proper metal roofing will give your commercial or residential property a greater look along with protecting it from a lot of issues that a normal roofing solution cannot achieve. As a very experienced organization, we have been providing the best service to our clients over many years and will surely do the same with you.


Is Metal Roofing Right For You?

Our commercial metal roofing options cans surely meet your demands with the proper services and performances. No matter if you just want to repair your existing metal roofing or replace the entire roof with metal roofing, our expert roofers got you covered. If you want to invest in your property, you’ll have to do it the right way to prevent silly maintenance costs in the future. Our metal roofing solution will surely help you increase energy efficiency and reduction in your future maintenance expense on your property. So, if you have the budget, you can surely try our metal roofing without any hesitation. And the reasons to choose metal roofing installation for your property raises which is the best factor you should choose metal roofing solution. Rochester Hills Roofing Pros provide metal roofing with a variety of advantages including giving your property the best looks and durability possible. A lot of people don’t want to use metal roofing because of some common misconception. A lot of people think that using metal roofing will reduce the phone reception from your home which is a wrong theory. It doesn’t affect your cellular network at all since you can get the same network stability from office buildings.


Types of Metal Roofing

Each material has its different and unique properties no matter what you choose for selecting as the main material for metal roofing installation. Selecting copper, aluminum or steel has different benefits you can notice and that’s not all. They can be easily installed by our amazing and expert roofer crews without damaging your property. Since it can protect your home from different and harsh weather, your utility bills can be greatly reduced by reducing the expense of heating or cooling expenses. And because of these traits, metal roofs have higher safety expectations than using asphalt roofing. Although metal roofing is more expensive than using standard asphalt roofing shingles, you can surely choose the one that meets your budget. Metal shingles use different methods to prevent harsh weather from affecting your property. Asphalt shingle absorbs UV damage or heat from the sun, but metal roofing materials use their reflective properties to reflect the damages away.

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Bottom Line

You shouldn’t choose other roofing solutions if you prefer aesthetic looks and durability for your properties at the same time. No roofing solution will provide them at the same time other than metal roofing solutions since they have the widest varieties of styles and textures for you to pick from. You can even choose to use metal roofing on any industrial facilities and different organizational buildings. For real estate business, the location of the properties is pretty much everything. But roofing is mostly everything your property can have aside from their base structure. Premium quality asphalt roofing shingles can last up to 25 years but not more. And if you choose metal roofing, it can last more than 50 years. Call Rochester Hills Roofing Pros today for the best metal roofing deals for you. 

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