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Composite Roofing

Composite Roofing was first introduced when a lot of roofing manufacturers were in trouble because of banning asbestos products as roofing materials. And manufacturers found other different materials for using as roofing materials which was a new dawn for composite roofing. By using composite roofing products, you’d get the same look as traditional roofs but better. They’ve added better strength and durability to your roof and that’s not all.


About Composite Roofing

At Rochester Hills Roofing Pros, we provide all the popular forms of composite roofing materials along with installing them as well. If you already have an existing and damaged composite roofing system, we’re your best bet at taking care of it before it causes more issues.


The composite roofing system is also known as a synthetic roofing system that is made of a mixture of different commonly used shingle materials. They’re mostly made of fiberglass, asphalt as well as recycled paper products. They’re extremely heat resistant and you won’t have any problems growing mold on them. They can even resist active fire which is an amazing feature for your roof to have. They’re easily repairable and you can repair them without taking the whole roof down. While choosing composite roofing, you’ll have a wide variety of colors and styles to pick from which makes it highly customizable. You can surely pick the one you prefer according to your budget and choice which any picky property owner can appreciate.


A lot of composite roofing materials are recyclable which makes them very much environmentally friendly. Some of them are even made with some active recyclable ingredients like hemp fibers along with industrialized plastic materials. A lot of composite roofing materials we provide that has 40-50 years of warranty which can’t be said about other roofing materials. And that can easily be said that composite roofing has more warranty time than our usual traditional roofing materials. They’re still one of the best and popular choice for roofing shingles in the entire country. These roofing materials can be produced to look a lot similar to other roofing materials making them one of the most customizable roofing materials. They’re also lighter than traditional asphalt roofing materials. And they’re surely lighter than metal roofing that goes without saying.


How We Manage Composite Roofing

Before beginning, we always do a complete survey of your building to analyze our work goals and objectives on the project. That’s how we determine how our working process will be executed in your building. For a lot of commercial and residential buildings, our process is easy. We break down the entire old roof and install new composite materials. And other processes are somewhat hard, but we know better how to handle difficult situations since we’ve already been working on roofing for years.



If you’ve already decided about trying different roofing materials, you’ll be challenged at taking a proper decision on which roofing material you should use. And there certainly are a lot of different roofing materials available in the market right now. You might’ve also heard about composite roofing, also known as synthetic roofing and they’re great for selecting for your roofing shingles. And we’ll talk about multiple benefits of composite roofing materials down below:



The most important highlight you have to look after is how durable your roofing material can provide you. And composite shingles certainly have what it takes for being extremely durable as you might expect. They’re highly affordable, customizable, strong, and extremely durable that can withstand a lot of pressure. It can withstand very harsh weather consisting of heavy wind, rain, and snow as well. And because they’re fire-resistant, that also makes them extremely heat resistant as well which can help you reduce your utility and maintenance fees. It can even prevent any damage caused by the harshest weather damage and protecting you at the same time.



If you prefer the color and design of your roofing, Rochester Hills Roofing Pros will surely recommend you use composite shingles as your roofing material, since discoloration is a very common and annoying problem in a lot of different roofing material. We sure do know how and why that happens and you’d be glad to know that composite roofing shingle will be the best candidate that can withstand this kind of problem. Exposure to the sun is the main reason why the discoloration happens in the first place to your roofing materials. But due to using a lot of different materials, composite shingles are coated with materials that can prevent sun exposure and discoloration as well.


Eco Friendly

Composite roofing shingles are made of a lot of different recycled materials, it’s one of the most environmentally friendly roofing methods you can find. They still have a longer lifespan so that they don’t create other different harmful materials to harm the environment.



Because of their extreme durability, we at Rochester Hills Roofing Pros provide an excellent warranty with all our composite roofing materials that you can use for a long time. Their improved lifespan will remain more than 30-50 years and you can be sure of it.


And these are the main reasons why we suggest that you use composite roof shingles for your roofing materials. We all know that investing in your home property is one of the best things you can do. And that’s why choosing the best roofing material is essential for your home. And you’d need both the best quality material and expert hands to install them for the best longevity. That’s why you can always count on Rochester Hills Roofing Pros to install them for you with the least of your worries

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We’re affordable and our expert crews are completely devoted to our jobs. We provide the best service to our clients and that is the base point of our entire reputation over the years. We’ve worked for many clients and no project is too small or big for us. We’ll take care of your roofing projects with our utmost care and skills to provide you the best customer satisfaction. And when it comes to installing composite shingles, repairing them, or a total replacement task, you won’t find a better service than Rochester Hills Roofing Pros in the entire Rochester Hills area.

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